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Included With Our Landscaping Design & Installation Services

  • Our company is fully insured, and we provide our clients with liability insurance.
  • We provide emergency services.
  • Our rates are reasonable, and you get great value.
  • Our services are flexible.
  • We provide a solid guarantee: the work is not done until you are fully satisfied.
  • We service the Lower Mainland and Fraser valley. See the list of cities we service.

Artificial Grass Installation

What you may not know about Artificial grass:

  • More suitable for sport fields. It is more durable than natural grass and easier to maintain.
  • A great solution when family members or your pet is allergic to natural grass.
  • The entire front yards and back yards can be landscaped with artificial grass.
  • Artificial grass is a sustainable long term solution that is cheaper to maintain than regular grass.

The Planting of Trees, shrubs and Flowers

Planting is one of the most cost effective ways to add definition and beauty to your landscape. However, plants (flowers, trees, bushes, etc.) bloom at different times. And some require more maintenance than others. Finally some plants need replanting on a yearly basis while others last for years.

At Ava Mina Landscaping, we help you select the right plants to create the desired visual effect and keep your maintenance cost in time and money at a range you can afford.

Turf Installation and Maintenance

Soil preparation prior to installation is crucial in promoting a healthy, beautiful lawn. At Ava Mina Landscaping, we make sure your new lawn has all that it needs to stay healthy and lush.

We also provide lawn maintenance, which includes mowing, fertilization, aeration, edging, top dressing, and more. If your lawn looks like it could use a little help, then contact us to find out how our lawn experts can make your lawn healthy and lush again.

Top Dress and Reseeding

Top dressing is the process of applying compost and rich soil over the surface of your lawn. Golf courses have used this process since the sports was invented.

In nature, fallen leaves, branches and other debris turn into nutrients that plants can use. But property owners tend to clean their lawns of dead leaves and other debris, causing the soil to be nutrient deficient. Top dressing replenishes your lawn with nutrients, reducing lawn diseases and keeping it healthy and lush.

Combined with aeration and reseeding, our experts can revitalize an ailing lawn into a lush green lawn.

Mulching (Bark and/or Compost)

Whether you’re trying to conserve moisture, improve the fertility and health of the soil, reduce weed growth and/or enhance the visual appeal of your landscape, it is important to use the right mulch for the job. Our expert garners and landscapers will survey your lawn or garden, assess whether it needs more moisture, nutrients, weed reduction, simple cosmetic work, or a combination of the above, and use the right mulch for the job.

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